Clinical specimen database.


Uses machines to liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

DataBank world_bank

Analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics.


Establish easier access to research data by providing persistent identifiers for data.


Publish or register datasets, create and manage groups and communities.

Dataverse Network 

Harvard-based tool to share, cite reuse and archive research data.


Data repository for any files associated with any published article in the sciences or medicine.


Manage your research in the cloud and control who you share it with or make it publicly available and citable.


Gene sequence database provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information.


Online software project hosting using the Git revision control system.


Follow genes, proteins, and processes to keep up with the latest papers and data relevant to your research.

Open Science Framework 1908_481371871909984_302144960_n.png

Gathers a network of research documents, a version control system, and a collaboration software.

Peer Evaluation peerev

Open repository for data, papers, media coupled with an open review and discussion platform.


Combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, checklist, and more to collaborate on any device.


Global registry of research data repositories. 

Search over 1007225 datasets across 33 different data sources.


Community for sharing presentations and other professional content


A home for the long-tail of science, enabling researchers to share and preserve any research outputs.

PaperHive PaperHive

The coworking hub for researchers. Simplifying research communication and transforming reading into a process of collaboration.

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